About the Area

Emerald is located in the Central Highlands of Queensland on the Nogoa River, a tributary of the Fitzroy River, which flows into the sea at Rockhampton 300 km east. Emerald has seen extensive growth in recent years with expansion of the Bowen Basin Coal Mines exporting through the port of Gladstone. Combined with agricultural and pastoral industries making Emerald a vibrant centre. The town now boasts three major shopping centres, new schools, Central Qld University Campus, AG College, Sports Facilities, medical services comparable with major coastal Centres.

Emerald is serviced by two major airlines providing flights to many major centres. Bus services and hire cars are readily available. Emerald Railway Station is now classified by the National Trust. This building dates back to the era of steam when the Midlander Train passed through on its way to Winton in the 1950's.

The Fairbairn Dam, a short drive to the southwest, holds back the waters of Lake Maraboon the second largest lake in Queenland, a paradise for water sports, red claw, and provides water to an extensive irrigation system, growing cotton, citrus, grapes and other crops.

West of the town is an area known as the Gemfieds, with small towns such as Sapphire and Rubyvale indicating the type of gems found there. These are the largest sapphire fields in the southern hemisphere and bring wealth to some and just a lot of fun to others.

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