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Central Highland Visitor Information Center

Address: 3 Clermont St, Emerald QLD 4720
Phone:(07) 4982 4142
Visit: www.centralhighlands.com.au


Van Gogh Sunflower Painting

Van Gogh Sunflower PaintingThe world's biggest Van Gogh sunflower painting is situated in Morton Park, Emerald. The superstructure is 25 metres high with approximately 13.6 tonnes of steel involved in its construction. It is part of a concept by Cameron Cross to erect seven Sunflower sculptures in seven different countries, reproducing Van Gogh's seven different Sunflower paintings. Emerald's Sunflower Painting was finished on 8 November 1999.

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Emerald Historic Railway Station

Emerald Historic Railway StationIn 1899 Emerald's first Railway Station was built, but unfortunately burned down within a year. In 1900 a new Railway Station was built of timber, with iron roof and wrought iron trimmings. The heritage-listed railway station boasts an elaborate entry with wrought iron lacework and pillared portico, offering great photo opportunities. Built in 1900 and restored in 1986, this National Trust listed Railway Station is well worth a visit.

Phone: (07) 4982 4142
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Botanic Gardens and Centenary of Federation Mosaic Pathway

Botanic Gardens and Centenary of Federation Mosaic PathwayA step by step snapshot of Emerald's history is situated in Morton Park, Emerald. This project was made possible by Centenary of Federation funding. Walk the mosaic pathway which depicts 100 years of Emerald's history with 21 intricately tiled designs. The detailed mosaics were created by 10 of Emerald's local artists.

Phone: (07) 4982 4142
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Fairbairn Dam and Lake Maraboon

Lake MaraboonFairbairn Dam and Lake Maraboon are holiday destinations in themselves! The lake is stocked with eight different kinds of fish including barramundi, but is famous for the Red Claw Crayfish.

You can relax by the lake, take a swim or try your hand at waterskiing. Picnic tables and free electric and wood barbecues are available.

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Blackwater International Coal Center

Blackwater International Coal CenterAddress: Capricorn Highway, Blackwater, Queensland 4717, Australia

Phone: (07) 4982 7755
Visit: www.bicc.com.au


Springsure’s Virgin Rock and Mt Zamia

Springsure RangeVirgin Rock, which is situated four kilometres from Springsure is on the eastern side of Mount Zamia and has a naturally formed likeness to the Virgin Mary and Child. The spectacular cliffs are floodlit at night and can be viewed from the Lions Park. The formation is amazing and a must see when travelling to Carnarvon Gorge.

Address: Gregory Highway, Springsure, Queensland 4722
Phone: (07) 4982 4142


Carnarvon Gorge and National Park

Visit: www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/carnarvon-gorge/index.html

The Gemfields Towns of Sapphire and Rubyvale

Visit: http://www.capricornholidays.com.au/destinations/sapphire-gemfields/

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